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A new co-working space from The Mayfield Partnership is set to lay the foundations for another innovative and creative community within Manchester’s bustling scene – and entrepreneurs are sitting front and centre.


Manchester looks set to continue its reputation for putting innovation first, with the restoration of the historical Mayfield District – an area that was once one of the busiest and most commercially-successful parts of 18th century Manchester. The restoration, spearheaded by The Mayfield Partnership, will unfold over the next ten years, at a cost of £850m, and those in charge are looking towards the city’s entrepreneurs to lead the way.


Starting with Entrepreneurs


“Mayfield & Co. will bring innovation back to the site. Our co-working space will be a home for the next generation of technical innovators to shape their future, the future of Mayfield and Manchester’s too.”

James Heather, Development Direct at U+I via MEN


To get the wheels moving on this project, The Mayfield Partnership is launching a new co-working space to be launched in October 2017, with space for up to 15 people. The Partnership hopes that by placing innovators and entrepreneurs at the front of its redevelopment plans, it will be able to organically grow and nurture a thriving business community, ingrained within the development.

Aside from the practical aspect of this initial development, there’s also something symbolic about it. As mentioned above, Mayfield District was a hugely successful area in Manchester, built on innovation and business growth – and the new Mayfield & Co office space will tap into that spirit to mark the beginning of a new era for the district and Manchester.

With entrepreneurs and their innovative skills being nurtured within the area from day one, there’s huge potential for Mayfield to become a new hub of digital and technological skills within the city, as well as providing entrepreneurs with the support needed to grow and succeed – and they’re not likely to forget their roots once that’s been accomplished.

construction planning on site

A New Opportunity for the Construction Industry

The development, aside from its insistence on channelling Manchester’s current pool of innovative talent, bodes well for other industries too, and as well as the talent currently on offer within them.

For one, Manchester construction companies are set to benefit from a long-term project that’s taking place in the heart of Manchester, standing beside Piccadilly Station. As we’ve spoken about during one of our previous construction roundtables, the industry regularly suffers at the hands of the cyclical nature of parliament and the lack of follow-through when a government changes. By setting sights on such a long-term project, Manchester is fully exercising the Northern Powerhouse-originating devolution it has come to enjoy, unhindered by politics and shifting priorities in Westminster.

During the life of this project, there’s also the opportunity to hold important discussions regarding different skills, the role of place-making in construction, and effective redevelopment of historic areas – all of which are sure to strengthen the region’s impact on the industry, and contribute towards tackling the apparent skills gap.

Finally, the Northern Powerhouse has a stake in Mayfield’s success, with the project providing ample and favourable evidence for the success of devolution. Manchester has well and truly taken hold of its destiny over the last few months, in the face of a shifting political climate and Brexit, and Mayfield’s could play a strong role in keeping the Powerhouse moving forward.

construction planning table

Building on the Past

At Kaleida, we’re proud of the innovative reputation that Manchester holds, and The Mayfield Partnership’s plans to redevelop the district perfectly channel the spirit of industry and growth that Manchester was built upon.

Aside from the Mayfield & Co co-working space and additional commercial facilities, the completed district redevelopment will also include a 350-room hotel, a potential 1300 homes, and a new city park – and we’re glad to see that sitting right at the heart of it all, will be Manchester’s innovative community.


Kaleida is a Manchester-based bespoke software development house, proud of the city’s history and its future. To find out more about our innovative bespoke software offering, feel free to explore our website, or get in touch directly.

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