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Over the many years that we’ve been a Microsoft Partner we’ve built huge experience deploying and supporting MS applications. Messaging and collaboration applications, security and protection, data backup and recovery.

Messaging and Collaboration Solutions

It’s all about communication, whatever  size organisation you are. The enterprise-class messaging and collaboration solutions we provide include Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint hosting and support. Collaboration solutions that allow secure, saleable and cost effective company wide communication within your organisation. Unified email, document and calendar management that improves both processes and productivity.

Key Benefits

  • Anytime, anywhere, any device email access using Outlook and Outlook Web Access (OWA).
  • Set up messaging and collaboration for use by multiple desktop and handheld devices.
  • Manage calendar tasks through group scheduling and tracking.
  • Share contact and distribution groups across multiple users.
  • Centrally manage project communications and workflows.
  • Archive and manage all communications for easy retrieval.
  • Centralised workflow improves user communication and productivity.
  • Reduce costs by managing messaging and collaboration tasks in a single environment.

Data Backup and Recovery Solutions

Data security is non-negotiable. Backup and recovery that means even worst case scenarios can’t touch you. Disaster aversion.

So we provide managed services for businesses of all sizes. Your data archived intelligently archived in multiple, geographically dispersed data centres.

Our data backup and recovery services provide continuous data protection and include:

  • Backup and restore
  • Data de-duplication
  • Storage monitoring
  • Mobile tracking
  • Encryption archiving.

Security and Protection Solutions

Threat is everywhere. That’s why your security and protection systems should be everywhere too. On and off line. It’s not enough just to have a firewall and antivirus software; threat can be digital and physical.

By carefully identifying where threat exists we can mitigate it. By establishing rules that control how information is accessed, where and by whom, we provide comprehensive protection of critical business information. Security implementation that gets your retaliation in first.

Our Security and Protection solution features include:

  • Threat management analysis
  • Identity management
  • Data management
  • Virus/Malware Protection
  • Firewall Solutions.
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Hewlett Packard
  • Asterisk
  • Cisco

Relevant Case Studies

Not only did they read the situation brilliantly, they asked brilliant questions.


Building a brand new system from the ground up using all Microsoft cloud enabled technologies to make it scalable, replicable and sustainable.

Best International Group Logo

Kaleida really understood what we did and were really good at suggesting things we hadn’t thought of ourselves.

Best International Group

A 50% reduction in paperwork processing? A 75% reduction in data entry duplication? No wonder Best International hit their three year ROI target using specialist new application and management software from Kaleida.

How could we help your business?

A more efficient and profitable use of data. Safer, more secure systems. Operational efficiencies. Special projects. Manage and support your systems to make sure your success is sustainable, is ongoing.

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