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The Solution

IMS is a customer relationship management, case management and billing system that allows Debt Free Direct staff to manage customer information, advise customers on the best solution for their circumstances and manage the preparation and supervision of an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA). The system integrates closely with the company’s call-centre technology and collects and manages comprehensive customer details to provide customers with the best advice based on their circumstances and to successfully manage the advised solution.

Insolvency Management System (IMS)

IMS manages the full process from first contact with a call centre through to completion of an IVA, a process that can take up to 5 years. Staff members at all levels use the system on a daily basis. The system features includes:

  • Close integration with CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) software.
  • Call-centre scripted data capture
  • Integration with third party appointment booking systems
  • Provision of DFD Best Advice based on customer circumstances
  • Fully configurable Workflow management
  • Fully configurable Legal Document management
  • Banking automated transactions integration
  • Billing and remittance management
  • Client bank account management
  • Extensive reporting
  • Fee engine to calculate fees due on IVAs
  • Arrears chasing software to highlight potential problem cases
  • Lead Management System to accept and process leads form partners.

Unmanaged Services

Unmanaged services are provided through scheduling utilities. These utilities provide the following services:

  • Automated reporting
  • Document Processing
  • Customer lead email processing
  • Data validation checks.

Best Advice Model

The Best Advice Model was developed as a .NET Web Service using C#. This service provides DFD with their USP – providing free advice to over-indebted customers. The advice could be one of the following:

  • Secured Loan
  • Unsecured Loan
  • Debt Management
  • IVA
  • Bankruptcy.

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