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For many businesses these days it’s their IP that differentiates them and defines their value. In an information age you ARE your intellectual property.

Which is an interesting thought. Especially when undertaking a major software development project.

The point being, that when you are considering who best to complete the work, not only will you need technical excellence and super communication you’ll also need a partner you can trust – implicitly. Ability, open channel communication and certainty in the relationship. A holy trinity of business confidences.

These were the three key reasons why BWA Water Additives turned to us to help them create new desalination plant performance and dose level/additive prediction software.

Says Dave Rose, Desalination Technical Support Scientist at BWA,

We put a lot of IP into the equations and the calculations behind the predictions. It’s really important to have trust when you’re giving you confidential client information.

Money’s not the absolute – it’s about having a good relationship and picking your partner carefully.

The Data Challenge

For over 40 years, BWA has been exclusively focused on innovating water treatment technologies. A global leader, their brands are well-known, widely respected and used in more than 80 countries. An important part of their service involves the analysis of desalination plant performance.

Historically customers have sent data on how their plant is operating. Excel spreadsheets, sometimes containing hundreds of data points across countless lines of data that are extrapolated onto another spreadsheet, calculations run, put into graph form and then into Word.

Based on the results BWA recommend the chemicals that need to be added to prevent fouling and scaling.

Always slow and time consuming, often prone to error, what BWA wanted was a web portal through which clients could upload their own data and see it analysed in real time. A software solution that would minimize the time spent grafting the data to Excel and provide faster, more accurate analysis.

And that’s exactly what Kaleida delivered.

Says Dave,

They took onboard all they needed to to get the job done. Always there to help and support. Always willing to take questions. Kaleida were really good and really receptive… they always seem on the ball.

Found in Translation

With Kaleida specialists in tech and web support and BWA experts in chemistry and understanding desalination plant performance the challenge was in creating the middle ground – a translation process of how best to implement exactly what BWA wanted.

“It was like having someone speaking French and someone speaking English,” says Dave, “With Kaleida looking at it from a what’s possible from a coding point of view and us looking at it from a scientific point of view. They’ve done a cracking job of meeting us in the middle and making headway in areas I thought would have taken much longer than they did.”

The result?

IP that’s safe, secured and now transformed into a new and highly popular set of performance and dose level/additive prediction services.

“Mighty powerful tools,” says Dave. “It makes it easier for us to help customers and strengthens our position. A lot of other companies seem to have similar ideas but we’ve made ours more up to date and have plans to develop it even more in the future.

“Kaleida make sure we give the customers what they need.”

How could we help your business?

A more efficient and profitable use of data. Safer, more secure systems. Operational efficiencies. Special projects. Manage and support your systems to make sure your success is sustainable, is ongoing.

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