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We looked at various software providers, however, Kaleida stood out from day one. Their consultative approach and attention to detail helped ensure that they developed a system which met all of our requirements. The true testimony however is in the feedback we receive from our clients, many of whom have moved across from our competitors. They tell us that our client portal is easy to use and packed with features, which add genuine value to their businesses. The great thing about Kaleida is their ongoing support and I would highly recommend their service to anyone looking to implement a software solution within their business.

Andy English, General Manager


The system manages calls for a variety of different businesses. FFB can provide either geographic or non geographic phone numbers to their clients and calls to that number will be routed through to one of the FFB PAs in the Call Centre.

The system identifies the number being called, and the caller number, looks them up in the database and pops up the company details and a message for the PA to answer that call with a specific greeting. Based on rules set up within the system for each client and caller, the PA can then take a message or transfer the call on to the customer. If the customer cannot take the call then it is retrieved by the PA and dealt with appropriately. The PA is guided through the process of recording the call outcome and is then available to take the next call for any of the businesses.

All calls can be recorded if required, and customers can also be sent call info by SMS. Business users can then log into the system to view all their incoming calls and message details and listen to any call recordings that they wish to. Customers can provide feedback on their PA and how they handled each call. Both PAs and customers can update the company details and settings online.

The customer facing website is optimised for use on both desktop and mobile devices.

The system logs all incoming calls, transfers, text alerts and messages for billing purposes.


The FFB Web Application is a multi-layered solution developed on the Microsoft ASP.NET MVC framework using C# and Microsoft SQL Server architecture. The back end telephony integration is much more complex.

The key features are:

  • The PA application is delivered via Internet Explorer hosted within a desktop application. This allows the application to interact with the Xarios Phone Integrator software on the PC.
  • The Mitel telephone system passes events and call information via the Xarios Gateway to the PA application. These details are then queried on the SQL Server database to bring up the relevant company details on the screen as the call is being answered.
  • The application tags the call within the Mitel system so that the duration and number details can later be used for billing purposes.

Key features & Benefits

  • SMEs can have their business calls handled by a professional PA without the cost of directly employing one.
  • Rules can be set up and calls can be filtered, so businesses only take the calls they want to.
  • All incoming calls can be recorded and played back by the customer.
  • Businesses can manage their messages and calls remotely via a single easy-to-use interface.
  • Desktop and mobile versions of the Customer Portal are available so users can get their messages wherever they are. Click here to view video of Customer Portal.
  • Key company details can be managed by both PA and businesses.
  • FFB can provide PA Services to multiple clients very efficiently, and hence keep costs down. The system provides the key information and control of flow to allow many calls to be taken consecutively for different businesses. The PA then provides the personal touch that businesses want.
  • The system integrates directly with the telephony platform to get all the data necessary for billing to automatically run.

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