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In order to facilitate the implementation of these regulations, Allison Crompton CBE at Middleton Technology School approached Kaleida and commissioned us to build a Teacher Appraisal and Lesson Observation System. The system is now being used at MTS for Appraisals and the Observations module is due to go live in the coming weeks.

Other schools in the Rochdale area and across the country have expressed interest in the system and we are now running pilots of the system with the intention of rolling it out nationwide.


The system controls the full appraisal process including: allocation of pupil progress, career stage and global objectives; through to setting pay scale and aspirational targets; appraisee RAG rating; reviewer RAG rating; uploading supporting evidence; assessing personal and professional conduct and overall ratings.

The Observation Module manages the scheduling of observations; uploading lesson plans and data sheets; pre observation data sheet assessment; overall rating and tracking pupil feedback.

The system is optimised to allow data entry in the easiest way: maximising the use of check boxes, radio buttons and other controls which can be easily used on an iPad during observations; allowing more detailed notes to be entered by PC afterwards and supporting the upload of Pencasts and videos to support the observation.


TeachBest is written in C# .Net MVC with a SQL Server database.

It can be hosted by the school on their own infrastructure, and hence use Windows Authentication, or alternatively he hosted by Kaleida on their dedicated environment and provided as Software as a Service (SaaS).


Key features & Benefits

  • Provides a framework that fulfils the statutory obligation for the new legislation for teacher appraisal.
  • Provides evidence for Ofsted to demonstrate robust performance management in school.
  • Unequivocally sets out teaching standards required for all staff at all stages of their teaching career which can easily be linked to the Ofsted framework for teaching.

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