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Organisations during the COVID-19 pandemic are becoming increasingly more reliant on using the best and most efficient cloud infrastructure available to them, to ensure that they can continue to function as close to normality as possible during these challenging times.

Cloud computing among all businesses and not just those in tech circles; has been thrust firmly into the limelight with some businesses who were slow in uptake of cloud software technology initially struggling to catch up. For some this has been a very sudden litmus test of their internal digital and technological resources; with many businesses only half-rolling them out at the time of the pandemic. Call it “thrown into the deep end”; but for some businesses this was very much the reality with some having resisted for too long the need to upgrade and modernise their systems. Everything from meetings over video, shared resource areas and the ability to work together on projects has been the talk of many business strategy meetings and many businesses were better placed than others for this eventuality.

Craig Lowery, Vice President Analyst at Gartner explained

“In general, the move that we’ve made as an industry toward more cloud-based services with an emphasis on scalability, reliability, distribution across zones and regions — that value proposition is really shining.”

He then went on to say that businesses were now facing a very real, very challenging “what-if” scenario turned real-life; where previously the notion of a global pandemic was all but an afterthought for many businesses – not to state that business leaders rejected the seriousness of it happening, but more than it was just never thought to be as likely to happen. But now we are here, almost 6 weeks into the current lockdown with the likelihood being of further extension, organisations are facing challenges to accommodate more remote working, increase cloud capabilities and ensure data centers are running at their best capacity to fuel a new digital world of cloud software.

Lowery continued on to talk about how the internet itself is being tested by this global pandemic. If people aren’t a keyworker then they’re either sat at home working, or using the internet for leisure – Netflix themselves took to reducing the streaming speeds of their service to help with the loads on the systems. 

“(the internet) was designed to continue to deliver service in very stressful situations,” Lowery continued. We’ve grown a lot since it was originally rolled out, it is being stressed because the internet is a network of networks. Everything has a breaking point and the internet does have bottlenecks.”

There are obviously going to be a large number of companies that are now catching up with the rest of the field when it comes to cloud software adoption and moving over their existing workflows into the cloud. There has been a large increase in companies launching in the remote conferencing and remote working arenas. These businesses are facing a challenge to get up to speed and this should serve as a huge learning curve for businesses that were slow to react – this is a very real issue and not something that should be taken lightly because of the impact it is now having on businesses and the economy that they operate within.

Businesses should now be understanding that moving forward into the mid to long term future of the pandemic; they need to place more emphasis on the technology that they are implementing and how that technology will specifically work for them and their employees. Bespoke software and cloud technology tailored to each individual company is a much more efficient and effective approach than the usual one-size-fits-all approach that many businesses will initially look for.

At this particular moment most of the emphasis during this pandemic has been focused on remote working and helping employees regain their previous productivity levels to ensure that the running of the business is as smooth as possible even whilst under lockdown. 

“The time to value is such that it would be three to nine months for IaaS and platform as a service to make any meaningful acceleration to move faster or refactor an application for cloud native,” Lowery says.

The larger network providers are expected to be fine and maintain a good level of service thanks to various different areas of automation and other resources that they have made available to themselves through various different areas of preparedness and planning in advance. With this being said, all businesses need to ensure that they are prepared for outages because they still remain a very real possibility with the added strain that network providers are under at this time.

If your business is now getting to terms with adopting the cloud and various other aspects of remote technology software to help get through this crisis, then feel free to get in touch with us to have a chat about how we can help the transition become even smoother. Bespoke software development is the perfect solution to ensuring that your business can remain adaptable during this time.

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