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Throughout 2017, Kaleida has been celebrating twenty years of providing bespoke software development to clients across the country. In that time, we’ve worked with businesses in a variety of industries overcome unique challenges with our bespoke solutions. But despite the differences between them, there’s one thing our clients all have in common: they’ve all enjoyed a return on investment unrivalled by off-the-shelf solutions.


When it comes to measuring the success of any business decision, ROI is perhaps the most important gauge. Sensibly, businesses will measure the potential return they can expect before committing to a purchase, cementing their financial future and ensuring they’ve made the right choice.

In the world of software ROI, bespoke options more often than not win out over their off-the-shelf counterparts for a number of reasons. In the spirit of celebrating twenty years (and more) in the industry, this week I’d like to draw on some of Kaleida’s past successes to demonstrate exactly what those reasons are, and why bespoke software development is always the better option.


Growing Software, Not Growing Costs

As ROI chiefly concerns money, it makes sense to start with the financial aspects. Although popular with small businesses with limited funds and a world of ambition, the cost of an off-the-shelf solution can quickly start to add up. Not only is there a continuous fee, prone to increasing on the developer’s whim, but features are also kept firmly locked away behind the next subscription level.

And what of the businesses who grow, only to find that even the top tier of an off-the-shelf solution can’t satisfy their needs? They can quickly find themselves falling into the trap of holding multiple, expensive subscriptions to different solutions in an attempt to cover all bases.

From my own experience talking with clients who have followed this exact path, I can say that yes, it is as flustering as it sounds. By contrast, a bespoke software solution negates both of these problems: the cost is a single amount, rather than an unending subscription, and it’s built to grow with your business. The result is an investment which is far more manageable to generate a return on, and the software is completely yours.


Tackling Your Challenges

Shrinking the cost to a more manageable size is one thing, but businesses must also look at exactly how a piece of bespoke software can generate an ROI. Many of Kaleida’s clients have been faced with challenges unique to their business or their industry, and these challenges are often the source of financial strain. Unlike off-the-shelf solutions which mainly focus on providing a broad offering, however, bespoke software solutions are built precisely to help overcome said challenges. By eliminating these pain points, bespoke software can relieve financial strain and immediately begin to generate ROI from day one.


New Revenue Streams

The capability of bespoke software to overcome challenges isn’t limited to just existing hurdles, either. Due to its adaptability and the potential for growth alongside the business that uses it, bespoke software can be utilised to identify and support the creation of new revenue streams.

Businesses can achieve this by commissioning bespoke software that will support a new product or service from conception to launch, or by allowing their existing bespoke solution to inspire new revenue streams.

With new sources of income in development, the software then has an additional opportunity to generate ROI above and beyond the initial value – and can facilitate further growth of the business.


Automated Return

Finally, we can’t talk about bespoke software tools without mentioning automation. In the 21st Century, automation has broken free of the manufacturing plants and factories, finding popularity with the wider business world – with bespoke solutions have played a key role in this revolution.

Built with business success in mind, bespoke software introduces the concept of automating smaller, less complicated processes, freeing up resources (such as staffing requirements and time) and increasing productivity. Factor these results into the finances, and it becomes clear that bespoke software is more than capable of generating a strong ROI, without even lifting a finger.


Keep It on the Shelf

As a bespoke software development house, Kaleida and its team have seen first-hand the ability of our solutions to offer a generous return on investment. After all, we understand that implementing a piece of software unique to your business is not a light decision to make, financially or professionally.

But weighing up the above opportunities for one of Kaleida’s solutions to provide ROI against off-the-shelf solutions leaves little room for interpretation: off-the-shelf software simply cannot provide what businesses need when compared to bespoke software.

So, if you’re making a case for a tailored solution versus off-the-shelf software for your business, be sure to consider each option’s potential for ROI generation first; it could mean the difference between long and short-term success for all involved.


Kaleida is a Manchester bespoke software development house, with extensive experience in creating tailored solutions for clients in a number of industries. To find out more about what we offer, feel free to explore the services page of our website. Alternatively, if you have any questions, you can get in touch with us directly and our team will be happy to help.

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